Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All Hood

Made my way up to Mt. Hood last week with Jav, Nick Dirks and Jarad Hadi. Super fun up there right now, lots of snow, lots of homeys, and the BLL's [Bud Light Lime] are still flowing. We stayed down in Welches at Jarad's parent's amazing house in the woods, crazy old growth trees and two rivers converging in the backyard. It must have been so amazing that i forgot to take a photo of it, ouch. We mostly hung with Pashley, Littlest, Arnie 5000 and the french Rossi intern Merrick, who was refferred to exclusively as "Vageric" I didnt get a picture of Vageric either, kind of blew it there. The last cool thing that I did not get a picture of was the $300 some dollars that I won off Scotty Arnold in a few heated games of C Lo—thanks homey! Most of these pics are already on Snowboarder, but there's a few extra in there that didn't make the cut. Oh and I just got a new camera 'cause I focused the screen on my trusty old Elph first day at Hood, so I should be good for some more pics soon, we're heading back up to the mountain tomorrow.


Shayboarder said...

Ah I love being on's like your sitting on top of the world. Sweet pics and awesome to see you blog.

MacSpedale said...

who is that dirty little indian with the gnarly shitstash?