Monday, July 28, 2008

Stomp The Snakes

JP got four "Premiere Club" tickets to the Padres/D-backs game last night from Nixon. Cruised down with him, Chicken and Chick's friend Jordan. I usually never watch games when I go, but I did and it went off. Homers, deep catches, dollar dogs, broken bats, Trevor Time, fireworks, and a W; all topped off with free Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) posters on the way out, I snagged two if anyone needs one.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Garfs Ender

We fit thirteen people in Dirks' 1989 single cab Toyota Pickup on the way to Garfinkle's last night for the COC season ender staff party.

Laurent, TDK pour la vie.
Max Honegger.
Unsafe at any speed.
Fern.Nick Russell Crowe, the drunkest guy in the bar.

Will Lavigne.
Hayden, drinking is such a chore.
Dirks loves Sleeman Cream.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Whistlers Burning

Today was the last day on hill at Camp Of Champs in Whistler. Shredding was all time, rolled boulders off the top of the mountain and had a couple sodas with Nick, then lounged by the lake while Diamond, Fern, and Johannes played with lighter fluid; and tonight is the ender-ender party. Perfect.

Boot fire.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bad Tooth

Photos: Joe Carlino

JC: You should do an update about my face. I fainted the other day and landed on my face. I broke my tooth and got stitches in my chin, had to go to the hospital and shit.

No way! What happened?

I donno, I rode to the deli then thought I was going to throw up so as I was walking to the bathroom I passed out and landed on my face they found me in the bathroom. I broke my tooth again which sucks, then I had to go to the hospital to get tests done.

Are you ok? What did they say?

Yeah I’m feeling better. There was no real reason, it just happened I guess

Was that the same one you broke in Mexico?

Yeah same shit.

Whistler B.C.

Finally made it up Whistler yesterday, I've never been here before. Eddie picked me up in the morning in Vancouver and we got up here mid afternoon after a mellow cruise. We saw some deer and a bear from super far away off the chair today, but I'm holding out for a cougar—the animal not the middle aged woman. The weathers perfect, the snowboarding's fun, the beaches are going off, and a bunch of friends are in town so the hanging is all time.

Nick Dirks a.k.a. "Diamond Dirks" found a possible real diamond in the dirt last week, it cuts glass. He keeps it in an empty bottle of Jones Soda.Simon and Cornell.
New issue out now!

Whistler Mountain.Pospisil came out.Jamie's off grass.LNP.Nick Russell.Mark Welsh.Eero.Louif.Fern bashed his shin pretty good on a rail. Nothing a few stitches and a few Dude beers cant's fix.Craven.Austin Smith.
Tonino Copene.Mills.
Curtis and Fox.Horny Eddie.Jed Anderson.Will Lavigne along with Hayden and myself got shanghighed by a lipstck wielding bachelorette at dinner the other night. This girl and her party later accused the waitress of drugging one of their party and the cops showed up.Jed can't stop drawing 'em.