Thursday, September 25, 2008

Skeleton Crew is a Go

You will know more soon enough ...

Rose City I Missed You

Back in Portland, San Diego was getting way too hot.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lance's Was Better

Went up to Bear this weekend for the annual fall boarding contest. I am pre-season partied out. Fact.

Nick had a bruised heel so after one run in the "comp" he got back into regular clothes got three tallcans and tried to sell his board. He drew a beer and a joint on the for sale sign. It didn't help sell it though, he didn't even really try. All his crap is in the back of my truck still ... again.
Fields creeping in the parking lot.

Brandon stepped in a puddle.We lounged at Desiree's house.Wizard.Cody Rosenthal.Nick and Jed. I snaked Lance on this one.These cougars were lurking hard at Murray's, they kept asking us if they looked good for their age. T Bird asked the one on the right if she had any weed and she said "No, but I used to love cocaine!" I bet she did.Then a party at Q's BBQ right by the lake. There were a lot of weird fools for a while but it got better. Steve was there, he was pretty mellow.John Antoski. He's like a bad boy version of Koop.Joe and Liam, 100% break down by the water.Cornell and The Frost Man? Casanova's down for AV Club.Scotty Stevens, Bogart and sandwiched babe.Gabby.Liam. Everyone was too drunk to read so they just kicked him anyway.T Bird got kissy with Andy late night.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First There Was a Mountain

Kelly got better, we went for a hike.

Movie Premieres and Mexico Twice

So I took August off? These pictures were taken over the course of a few days. Lance did not go to Mexico.

Joseph Carlino.
Brandon Phillips.
Melissa Chang. She used to work at this sushi place.
Silent Greg!
Javier Fernandez in true form.Dick Jirks and Jonas Michilot at These Days. I'd spent the earlier half of the day walking around Pacific Beach with Jonas, he really lucked out finding that cat shirt. What you can't see is that it's a front and back print. The cowboy cat's tails are up, guess what the back looks like. Yes, exactly.Lucas, Joe, and Brandon. Joe got the Gatorade bucket.Laurent-Nicolas.Matty is a "Go" for AfterBlack.Braydon and Jonas probably talking about Neff.Donny Needles.Nick has a tattoo of an empty jar on his left wrist. I told him to get a bug and some leaves inked in it. That or all the stuff he found in Whistler.Not my first bad decision. Not my last.Taxis and buses and ...At Purple Rain, Tijuana.Prince Lance.Joey Sexton.Nick was really dirty, I gave him a new shirt. He wore it for three or four days straight.Brandon! Before Nick got us all kicked out of Dick's Last Resort.The walk of shame is 20% more shameful with one shoe.Louie Paradise.Java got charged a "transient occupancy" fee for letting us hang in his room, and out front of his room. Nick, sleeping like a drunk baby.Ben Bilocq, snug as a bug in a rug.The mornings in Downtown San Diego were hot and sad. We found Rian Rhoe cooling off on the corner, fat free, on her way back to Portland.We didn't get into the Rome movie so we stopped by Runke and Cavan's hotel for a private showing, Runke was ready to go home. Bridges laced him up with the Mercedes shades, he doesn't look like a coke dealer.Danny went for a swim at the Boned Age party.Max talking politics. Joe looking tragic.Bridges. Why lie?