Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get Some

Followed Bryan on a mellow cruiser lap with my broken Elph through HCSC at the end of the day.

One Run at High Cascade with Snowboarder Bryan Fox from evan l on Vimeo.

All Hood

Made my way up to Mt. Hood last week with Jav, Nick Dirks and Jarad Hadi. Super fun up there right now, lots of snow, lots of homeys, and the BLL's [Bud Light Lime] are still flowing. We stayed down in Welches at Jarad's parent's amazing house in the woods, crazy old growth trees and two rivers converging in the backyard. It must have been so amazing that i forgot to take a photo of it, ouch. We mostly hung with Pashley, Littlest, Arnie 5000 and the french Rossi intern Merrick, who was refferred to exclusively as "Vageric" I didnt get a picture of Vageric either, kind of blew it there. The last cool thing that I did not get a picture of was the $300 some dollars that I won off Scotty Arnold in a few heated games of C Lo—thanks homey! Most of these pics are already on Snowboarder, but there's a few extra in there that didn't make the cut. Oh and I just got a new camera 'cause I focused the screen on my trusty old Elph first day at Hood, so I should be good for some more pics soon, we're heading back up to the mountain tomorrow.

Lime Time

The NW has been treating me so good, I decided to extend my stay another week bringing the grand total of weeks in Oregon to three. Three has been my favorite number for a while now, so that works out pretty well. Oh have you had Bud Light Lime yet? It's the best thing going right now, and I've probably had about 100 of them, it's for sure the official beer of summer. We're on them pretty much everyday, last week Jav and I got a sixer of those bad boys and cruised downtown Portland with them in paper bags true hobo style, it was good.

Just a mellow toy horse chained up to the street in downtown P Town.

Lime Time on Jav's porch again. Look at him ... he loves it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Monitor Tan

Java's porch, it's way better than my old office, and the phrase "monitor tan" has taken a whole new meaning.

Shortest Straw

Been hanging with the Grenade guys the past couple days, they're up here in P Town doing the skits for their new movie The Boned Age. They've put a lot into this stuff and I everything else throughout the winter, the movie is going to be rad when it comes out. They're keeping it fun. Danny had the wonderful idea yesterday to draw straws and the drawer of the shortest straw would get to powder up Anna a.k.a. Baby Cakes' chest for one of the scenes, I think she's on Rob & Big or something, no big deal and you know who got that straw, son.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Just got into Portland last night via two super tiny/bouncy airplanes. I've been lucky over the years with the whole airline lost my bag deal until last night, Delta lost my clothes bag so all I have is dumb snowboard stuff which isn't really doing me any good at all. Staying at Java's house which is rad, he set me up with a little room and everything. Got a '09 Subaru Forester rental bad boy which I thought was pretty cool until Meyer reminded me that those are the #1 choice for lesbians in Portland ... but I think he just bought one last year, so I don't know how that works. Jokes on him? But it's rad to be in the city, and I'm psyched to hang with some friends and make a little party up here.View out the plane window about 400 miles outside Portland.
It might attract the wrong girls, but it's cool, I'l take what I can get.
Jav's sweet digs in P Town. The porch is good for hanging.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boz Is Back

Bozung flew back in from Australia, in true Boz fashion he bailed the day before the Mt. Buller opened. I met up with him in Laguna fresh off the plane and hung for a while at Celia's drinking bad boy sodas, the Laguna Beach loc' Keegan rolled through too. It was good times. Nate was sunburnt as hell, heavily buzzed and newly single—a spicy babe came down from LA to hang with the Nuts and I think the combination worked out well for him, duh.Nuts and Cy, the main BozWreck filmer/editor.
Nate got his "Give Thanks" weed leaf turned into a turkey, its the ultimate Thanksgiving tattoo now.

Sunset Beach

Got all romantic with Lolo and a sunset bottle of wine split between two discrete plastic cups at the Fletcher Cove the other day and I'm pretty sure I saw the green flash, no big deal. A swimmer was killed by a Great White shark there about a month ago, pretty heavy. Then we met up with Jamie for dinner at Bestawan in Cardiff, it was tasty.